Effective SEO

We are extremely successful in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as well as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which is proved by the top positions of our websites (and our customers ones) in the major search engines. And all that we deliver to customers in Luxembourg for a very affordable price.

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SEO packages

We offer three SEO Packages. They vary depending on their complexity.

  • Search Engine Optimisation Basic Package
  • Search Engine Optimisation Premium Package

For all our services we charge 75 EUR/hour only.

Establishing their presence on the internet is something that more and more businesses across the world are opting for with each passing day with some business using the internet as the principal business channel, existing primarily and at times exclusively in the virtual domain as well. Seeing the sheer impact it can have on their business, this surge in businesses making the jump on to the virtual bandwagon is simply due to all the various features their business can now use to increase its revenues.

The internet is a platform where even a conglomerate of corporations which span the globe will find itself competing for space with small and medium enterprises since presence of a business on the internet is not determined physically, but by the content which it places on its representation on the internet, the business website. However, with more and more business around the world going online every day, even this platform has become more competitive than ever, bringing new challenges with it.

Since the internet contains virtual representation of every business that is present on it, visibility is a big issue. With billions of web pages of content, how can a business making its first strides into the virtual domain make sure it is even seen? The biggest weapon in the arsenal of the internet marketer is SEO, or search engine optimization. This phrase involves a set of activities which are performed in order to help these businesses achieve visibility in the one location where their customers are sure to come looking.

Search engine optimization involves the development of content which is relevant to the operations of the business. This is in the form of blog posts, article submissions in article directories and even the content of the web pages which represent the business. When search engine algorithms scan or “crawl” these web pages to identify their content by the permutations of certain keywords which help these search engines identify and determine the quality of the content, thereby giving it a higher search engine ranking.

This ranking assigned results in the page being placed more prominently in the one location where potential and prospective customers would be looking for whatever goods or service they are seeking, the search engine result page. With web-design.lu, search engine marketers can use search engine optimization to give your business the all important visibility it needs on the internet. The experts at web-design.lu deliver these services to its Luxembourg customers, helping their business achieve the prominence it deserves.